So, I’m 8ack. ::::) 

I know you all missed me, don’t even deny it. It’s ok. I’ll admit I missed you guys too.

(8ut only a select few of you.)

Anyway, what’s goin’ on with you losers?

So yesterday I spent my day watching Repo! The Genetic Opera and Rent.

8oth are really gr8.

((please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the outline of a giant pink penis in that rock behind Raven))


intoxicatedchucklefuck replied to your post.


do people forget that feferi helped create dream bubbles

"not important" my butt


o.  well ok then sorry.  vicky.  got it i can do this dont mind me just …  you know nevermind.  so what are you like russian or?  … and wow do you really replace all the bs in your typing with 8s too?  really?  … ok no nevermind im not even … no

a ghost huh?  wow.  go figure the vriska i enjoy more often than not is alos a ghost.  ha.  anyway what happened?  nony?

well im always a human that ive noticed.  with you youre usually trolls.  s o.  yeah.  its weird when youre not thats all

uh.  following spree thats p much it.  im exciting i know 

Uh. Ok???????? I’m a little confused, 8ut whatever. I’m American, actually. And something else that I don’t remem8er. Does all that shit even matter, anyway? I mean who even cares that I’m American or if I was Russian, not like it means anything. And yeah, is that a pro8lem? You’re not even-? What you’re not is m8king sense, really.

Not sure if that’s a good thing or a 8ad thing, 8ut ok. Magic Anons happened. In 48 hours, I should 8e 8ack to normal.

Oh, ok. From what I’ve seen I’m pretty hot as a troll. >:::;) So I 8n’t complaining. 

Soooooooo exciting.



letmetellyouaserket started following you

aye yo whats up vriska
its still weird when you guys are human jsyk 

Vicky, actually. 8ut so many people are calling me Vriska- so I think I might just go 8y that as like some inferior nickname.

Nothing’s up, really. I’m a ghost so that’s pretty weird. ::::\ 

How? You don’t see me calling you weird for 8eing a human!

Anyway, what’s going on with you?

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